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and I can help co-ordinate things for you and hopefully get what you need - well made - and stay inside your budget limits.

Tips & Advice

  • Always always plan a budget. Large ticket items are not cheap and I strongly advise think long term on construction as cheap poorly manufactured simulacrums will only last so long and frustrate you in the long term. Furniture when consumed must be disposed off and this comes with an added cost. Think as you do with clothing. Cheap has a hidden cost.
  • Go shopping with dimensions. A good tip for planning a compositional sofa or a large bed or dining table is to cut up an old newspaper and lay it down onto the ground with masking tape. This gives you the ideal template so you can judge what size works best paying careful attention to the depth of each piece. Then when you visit the showroom it is easier to decide which manufacturer is best to work with...
  • Consider what is important. Beds of course!! A good sofa?, or instead of a spare bed perhaps a good sofa bed? Maybe use that spare bedroom as an office and then a bedroom when needed? 
  • Prioritise your needs. Do you really need all to arrive the same day you move in? My advise is to move in but prioritise big ticket items like your mattress & bed and sofa. The rest you can plan once you place these items.
  • Plan a timeframe. Did you know most sofas and now beds can take 4-8 weeks to manufacturer and then deliver? Artisan can hold goods for you until you are ready to move in. Hence ensuring you have a comfortable first night!
  • Sofas from Artisan are made bespoke for you in Italy. Fabrics are family friendly & removable and the seating can be foam fill or softer goose down, compositional or fixed. Designed for a long lasting experience.
  • Artisan works with RESPA Beds (Irish made) for mattresses, divans. ottoman bases and also headboards coordinated to your bed base. They have luxury range and essential range priced to stay inside any budget..allow 4 weeks..
  • An Ottoman bed base is an excellent storage choice - even eliminating the need for that chest of drawers from the room-saving you space etc. When open you see everything arranged before you rather than desperately searching inside drawers ..
  • Lighting needs. A nice final touch to a room is a sculptural suspended light fitting or a trendy floor lamp. Artisan works with several nice Italian suppliers for such finishing touches. Lighting is affordable and a great addition to an island or kitchen peninsula.
  • A well crafted individual piece from Artisan can really help be a feature for a room or a nice mirror to decorate a hallway. Many one off pieces are available from Artisan and can be viewed in the showrooms or bought online at
  • Get professional help. An interior designer might sound like a frivolous waste of money but remember what seems an hour to you is often an hour and twenty years plus experience with interiors to a competent interior designer. Their advise may prove invaluable as you plan an interior layout and not really expensive in the greater scheme of things. Mistakes can be much more costly and take time to rectify. If you need an interior designer get in touch and I can help direct you towards some great designers who are also quite familiar with the companies I represent here in Ireland
  • PACKAGES To help get you started, and if you purchase over a certain amount, Artisan can offer great discounts. Please get in touch and let's discuss how I can help you get proper well constructed furniture and hopefully stay within your budget.

Sofas can be family friendly with removable covers and strong frames.

As well as sofas plan your living Room with these fantastic wall systems from LC Mobili. See Modern Wall Systems

RESPA BEDS offer an excellent choice of mattresses, divans and headboards. And now also Ottomans.

An Italian Sofabed can really help utilize space better in a home.

Advise on a Marble or Granite worktop.

  • If you need any professional help or advice on blinds, curtains, awnings or indeed the purchase and fitting of such please go to our blog page here for help or get in touch!

Advise on a Blinds and curtains.

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