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“Interpreting the modern with ancient mastery”. Artisitic Stained Glass made by a true artisan & gentleman, Signor Tomanin.

The mission of the “Vetreria Artistica Tomanin” is to continue to bring to life the ancient art of cutting and painting on glass, respecting its dogmas and stylistic features, keeping up with the times and the modernization of techniques, digital instruments and machinery, “interpreting the modern with ancient mastery”.

The Tomanin artistic glassworks is able to offer a wide range of products, all unique and exclusive pieces.
Lead-bonded glass, hand-painted with the ancient “grisaille” technique intended for classic environments, but also modern glass for living spaces. Glasses engraved by hand, sandblasted and illuminated using the most up-to-date technologies in the lighting field, real “luminous paintings” to be inserted in prestigious environments. Glass sculptures, refined lamps and furnishing accessories, unique pieces with which to embellish homes.

The grisaille stained glass windows

“ Grisaille  is the painting technique of ancient medieval stained glass windows.

The blown glass tiles that make up the window are hand painted with metal oxides and subsequently fired in an oven at temperatures of around 650°C.

This is the product in which the glassworks has achieved the greatest recognition over the years and which has favored the high level of clients.

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Why an Italian Sofabed?

sofabed made in italy high quality

Perfect way to utilize space inside the home. Why have a dedicated spare bedroom when the same space could be utilized as an office or playroom and then when guests arrive can be transformed into a nice spare bedroom? Artisan Interiors now stocks and supplies Italian Sofabeds which help use the space better. They are a very strong product. All fabrics are removable. Six weeks production time. Extremely comfortable mattress as well as sofa – best of both worlds. Huge selection of fabrics. Get in touch for more info! Or follow this link: