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Why an Italian Sofabed?

sofabed made in italy high quality

Perfect way to utilize space inside the home. Why have a dedicated spare bedroom when the same space could be utilized as an office or playroom and then when guests arrive can be transformed into a nice spare bedroom? Artisan Interiors now stocks and supplies Italian Sofabeds which help use the space better. They are a very strong product. All fabrics are removable. Six weeks production time. Extremely comfortable mattress as well as sofa – best of both worlds. Huge selection of fabrics. Get in touch for more info! Or follow this link:

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Why choose Italian Furniture?

Why choose Italian furniture? Italy is both the country of style and choice. There are thousands of micro family owned businesses that work together to form complex supply chains which feed manufacturing and design. The Italian sense of taste constantly looks for improvements whether it be what you wear or what you eat. So naturally such discerning taste also casts its improving eye on what we sit on or indeed lie on. What pieces to populate or living space with or hang onto our walls? Not only does the Italian eye have a firm input into Italian design and taste, it also has a firm hand in the actual rendering of what it perceives.

Some of the best manufacturers of furniture in the world are based in Italy. They work with the very essence of wood or have access to quality fabrics or excellently tanned leather. But this ability to see and to render it not only at the top, but gentle over many years, has trickled down to even the smallest company. Italy is a nation of artisans. Not only in the classic sense. Once the piece is rendered it must be finished and here is where Italy reigns supreme. Such skills are now also employed with modern industrial means to create stunning modern pieces as well as as to recreate, with faithful careful expertise, classic pieces of high end reproduction furniture. Many such pieces be it modern or classic can be seen at Artisan Interiors showrooms in Dublin. You can also see our range of stock pieces at 

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